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An RPG magic system based on logic

(image source) One of our undergrad students recently finished his B.Sc. thesis on a serious game intended to teach the player to apply maths to real-world problems (this is probably going to be worth its own blog post, once the paper is publicly available somewhere), which got me thinking about other ways to teach math…

Why I tattooed Gödel on my arm

This is what the tattoo on my arm looks like (well – looked like right after I got it. You can still see the skin being noticably red/pale around it). It’s been designed by my flatmate at the time, Gwen. Without the arm it looks like this: Probably still not too legible, so let’s get…

What am I doing here? (My research topic)

In this post, I will try to explain what my Ph.D. is going to be about – of course, you can just read my proposal, but I assume that’s not really accessible to a lay-person. The broad topic is knowledge management across formal libraries, specifically libraries of formal mathematics obtained from (mostly) various computer-supported theorem…

How did I get here? (CV)

So, given that my CV is a bit more… non-linear than most people’s, I figured that might be worth a post on its own: I graduated (the german equivalent of) high school in Garmisch-Partenkirchen 2006, majoring in Math and English, at which point my plan was to study jazz guitar and make a living as…

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