About Me

I’m Dennis Müller, a nerdy Ph.D. student with interests in logic, computer science, mathematics, philosophy, physics, cognition, rationality, music, science and knowledge in general.

My Ph.D. is in computer science, more precisely in the area of mathematical knowledge management in the KWARC research group, originally at Jacobs University, Bremen, since October 2016 at Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany, and not coincidentally my undergraduate and graduate degrees are in mathematics (with a minor in philosophy). The latter two I got at University Freiburg, where I initially enrolled in physics – until I took a course in mathematical logic, which caused me to switch my major to mathematics. Before I went to university, I tried my hands on a career as a professional jazz guitarist (yes, I am aware of the contradiction in terms) for four years.

My more detailed CV can be found here, an attempt to explain my research topic here.

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